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VM500, VM550, VM1000, VM1050, VM1200, VM2000, Mini Intercom Information.

Older Valet Intercom Systems like the VM2000, VM1200, VM1000, VM1050, VM500, VM550, Mini Intercom generally there are no new spare parts available for.

Some repairs may still be able to be carried out on your existing equipment. Give us a call on 1800 4 VALET to discuss whether a repair is an option for you.

All of these systems, and old Electron Intercom Systems can be replaced with the new Valet System One. The new System One room stations are designed to fit in the same hole as these old ones, a trim plate is also available to help cover a small un-painted bit left from the old room stations. System One room stations and trim plates are available in white, ivory and black.

Mini Intercom systems can be replaced with the newer Minicom system or you can use System One room stations without a Master as a Mini Intercom system. Please note that although the newer Minicom system's door station looks the same it is not compatible with any other system. It even looks like the older VM series door stations, but it is very different and will not work.

The older master stations can be replaced with full size System One masters, currently still available with or without video from the door to the master. You also have the option of upgrading your master to the new M200 Masters, however some wall repairs may be required.

General rule of thumb with existing cabling (for system one)  is that you need atleast 6 wires for audio only master systems, for video you need 8 wires from door to master, 6 wires to room stations are ok. Sometimes you might be lucky and have a 6 wire but also a figure 8 wire running to the door station, if you do then you could use a video master.

If 6 wires is all that is available and you can not rewire atleast from the door to master then you can only use the non video music master and door station as there is not enough wires for video.

You can use a video master without a video door station, but then use a seperate camera hooked up to the master. There's a fair chance though if you can do this, you can probably rewire your door station anyway.

Minicom systems require minimum 5 wire cabling.

Need more info, give us a call on 1800 4 VALET

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