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Why a Ducted Vacuum System

If you are in the market for a new vacuum system and comparing different systems, the biggest thing that makes a system the best vacuum cleaner is how clean your home will be after you finish right? A normal portable vacuum cleaner, while most do a reasonable job, recycle the vacuumed air back into the room. While most nowadays have pretty good filters, small particles are still blown back around as you vacuum.

A Ducted Vacuum System or Central Vacuum Systems whichever you prefer can offer four times the cleaning power of a portable vacuum cleaner and take the domestic dust and dirt right out of the house. (normally to the garage, carport, or just outside) They make a proven difference to the living environment, especially important for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma.

Unlike a portable vacuum cleaner, dust and dirt are totally removed from your living space in the ducted vacuuming process and no air borne dust particles are created. Making Valet Ducted Vacuum systems the ideal choice for Athsma and Allergy sufferers, in fact, Valet Ducted Vacuum systems are the ONLY ducted Vacuum brand accepted by the National Athsma Council Australia and Athsma and Respitory Foundation NZ, you can read more about this Here

On top of this, the system is installed usually in the garage or carport taking all the noise outside allowing family members to live in peace even while the vacuuming is being done. A Ducted Vacuum system will usually last a lot longer than traditional portable vacuum cleaners, we have worked on systems up to 28 years old and still going strong with very few repairs in that time.

Easy to use, as you only need to use the hose and tools you are not lugging around a heavy noisy smelly portable vacuum cleaner. This is great for all ages and even getting the kids to vacuum cleaning is a snap.

Price and Value, the cost of a Ducted Vacuum system can start at around $600 for a reasonable system and range up from there. Considering that the installation of a ducted vacuum system will dramatically increase the value and practicality of your home, and the average system installed is under $2000 why wouldnt you consider it.

Plan Ahead, building your new home now or soon but running short on funds? Install the pipework and fittings during construction and buy the unit and hoses etc. after you move in. Around $100 point is a fair guide for materials required for most homes but let us quote on exactly what you need to suit your home. Generally its only a few hundred dollars well spent during construction.

For more information on the systems or to Browse or Buy Valet Ducted Central Vacuum Systems, click here

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